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Thoughts & Ideas

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ALEKSANDR KUSKOV, copyright July 2012

... at the intersection of Maple Street and First Avenue

OUR ADVICE:  Save valuable words. Make it instead, "... at Maple Street and First Avenue"

Kneel down before the king.

OUR ADVICE:  You can't kneel any other way but down. Make it instead, "Kneel before the king."

The teachers strike gained massive support from students.

OUR ADVICE: Massive refers to daunting weight, not size; for example, "A massive rock blocked the trail." Better to write, "The teachers strike gained unexpected (or the specific adjective that applies) support from 300 students."

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Over the years, we've stashed common miscues in style,

use, and grammar. We believe in an economy of words.

Eliminating verbal excess, oxymorons, redundancies, and

the stray mixed metaphor will unclutter writing everywhere. Toward that goal, we humbly offer this advice.


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"Write with the door closed, edit with the door open."  –– Stephen King

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