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  "Even prophets correct their proofs."   –– Oscar Wilde

Reviews & Results

Reviews & Results

What others SAY

Beleaguered defenders of literacy: Unite! — Peter Drumsta, veteran newsman and author, New York City

"Smart, thoughtful, and fast. What more could you ask for in an editing team?" –– Jan Moxham, writer and raconteur, England

"Outstanding journalists and great talent." –– Trish Anderson, 40-year journalist, Ft. Wayne, Ind.

"You really do 'make it better.'" –– Kelly Carrington, writing/design client, Hartford, Conn.

"I highly recommend these brilliant and pithy writers and editors for their expertise!" –– Sandy VanDerzee, owner, Morgan VanDerzee Design, New York City

"Writeswell! The talent is outstanding." –– Lana Q. Smith, designer, Chicago

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