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Genre: Literary/Commercial

By Mark Allison


     A tryst between clean-cut TIM BARLON and his innocent Amish neighbor ANNIE MILLER sets in motion a cascade of necessary evils that devastate their pious families. Annie dies from a botched abortion within a year, and days after her funeral, practically perfect Tim is bludgeoned with a shovel in the deep shadows of a barn.

     Everyone thinks Tim was killed by degenerate lawyer TRIP McDURBIN. It was all there in the paper, how Tim was slaughtered the night before he planned to expose McDurbin’s slimy secret high school sex club.

     But the newspaper gets it wrong. Annie’s father tells his Amish congregation he killed Tim. The extreme isolation of Amish culture conceals the quintessential pacifist’s confession and dooms the falsely accused lawyer to life in prison.

     When Tim’s father learns who killed his son, he must decide if he will tell the truth and free the wicked lawyer or keep the SECRET of the AMISH and make him pay for his tawdry transgressions.

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